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How To Be A Home Seller That Buyers Love

March 26, 2018

You may think that your house is the only thing that needs to be in its best shape during the selling period. But the truth is, how you are as a seller holds an equal amount of importance to your potential buyer. They may like the house, but if they don't like who’s selling it, they probably won’t push through with the purchase.

So, to ensure that you are also at your best behavior while your house is on the market, take note of the following guidelines:

1. Stay away.

We know that it's still your house, and you have every right to stay in it. However, if you’re trying to show it to its potential new owners, you may want to keep yourself from hovering over their shoulders.

Let potential buyers properly envision themselves living in your house without you watching their every move. Of course, the best way to do this is to let your agent do the tour on your behalf. This way, the viewers of your home can be more comfortable looking at the house and asking questions, and you on the other hand will also be spared from possibly saying the wrong things that can jeopardize a sale. Listing agents are trained to respond professionally to buyers, so just sit back and relax somewhere else, and let your agent do the talking.

2. Make your parking space available.

When leaving the house for the viewing, make sure that you bring your car with you as well. Parking issues can cause delay and turn off buyers, so make sure that you're off to a good start by making sure they have a place to park their car. Let them pull up in your driveway as if it’s their own.

3. Don't leave your pets.

Yup, your pets have to go, too. Your dog may be great with sporting some puppy dog eyes, but this isn't going to help you sell your home to potential buyers. Some buyers may be allergic to certain types of animals, or some will simply find pet smells off-putting. Some DO love animals, but you also don’t want your pet to draw attention away from the home. Just take them with you during the viewing, or ask a kind neighbor to babysit them for you.

4. Make important documents available for viewing.

Since you won't be there to answer the questions yourself, you can at least make it easy for potential buyers to find the answers in writing. Making necessary documents available leaves a good impression on buyers since it signals that you are a responsible owner and seller.

Put out important documents such as your home inspection report, appraisal, and home warranty. You can also give them an idea of their potential monthly bills by leaving recent utility bills and proof of any major repairs.

5. Don't be in a hurry to get feedback.

Not all buyers express their dislike or even their enthusiasm during or immediately after the viewing. Some of them need to think it over and process everything they just saw. Remember, this is possibly one of the biggest purchases they'll ever make, and buyers need enough space and time to come up with an offer. Asking them for their feedback right after they leave your home can make them feel that you're pressuring them too much into a decision.

It is normal practice to ask for feedback from your realtor after the viewing, but expect to hear from the buyer's agent no earlier than 2 days. Simply assure them that you are patiently waiting for what they have to say, and that you respect their space and time.

6. Trust your agent.

Never forget that your agent is a trained and experienced professional--and, if everything goes well, he or she will be able to close a deal for you and be handsomely compensated for it. If you're sure you've found a responsible and reliable agent, just relax and let him do his job. Allowing your agent the space to negotiate on your behalf is good practice and will ensure that the transaction goes smoothly.

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